How passkey credential deletion works

An Authenticator may implement or come with software that implements a user interface for credential management.

Such a user interface is responsible for Authenticator management actions such as credential deletion as the Web Authentication API deliberately omits to provide such functionality.

This section will show you how to delete your passkey from the most popular Authenticators after you delete it from the database of the Relying Party Server.

1Authenticate the user

Before you can delete your user account, you need to first complete an authentication ceremony to access your User's account in the Relying Party. You can do so by logging in using the passkey you created during user registration.

2Review user profile

Once you log in using your passkey, you'll see your user profile information, such as your username, and a list of the passkeys associated with your account. You'll get a chance to review your user account data before deleting it.

3Delete user profile

By proceeding with this action, the Relying Party Server will delete your User account along with its associated Authenticator records.

You'll also need to ensure that you delete the passkeys you created from your vendor's storage: