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Passkeys are cryptographic credentials that are phishing-resistant and provide fast, easy and secure passwordless authentication across devices.

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Why use passkeys?


Passkeys are intuitive. They create an experience that is familiar to end-users, making it feel like they're unlocking a phone.


Passkeys are more secure than passwords: they're phishing-resistant and rely on public-key cryptography. The server only stores its public key.


Unlike passwords, you can't reuse a passkey: they are unique per online service. When you create a passkey, it's tied to a specific domain.


Passkeys allow you to access an application on multiple devices using a variety of methods such as biometrics or security keys.

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Passkeys Introduction

Learn the basics of how passkeys work, their benefits, and, most importantly, how to get started!

Passkeys Developer Demo

Understand how passkeys work under the hood for sign-up and login.

Passkeys Resources

Dive deeper into the world of passkeys with a curated list of blog posts, videos, and workshops
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